Checklist : The Basics

Make sure you have the basics covered, have you:
  • Found an awesome group of volunteers to help you on the run up and during the jam
  • Discussed and agreed on the scope (number of participants & duration) of the event
  • Developed a plan to run the event with or without sponsorship
  • Distributed the responsibilities between your volunteer staff
  • Found a suitable venue for your jam
  • Submitted your jam to the GGJ website, had a conversation with your RO, and been given access to the GGJ organisers Slack channel
  • Sent a message to your RO, and said hello to the community on Slack
  • Had your site approved
If the answer to all of the above is YES then you are well on your way to organising your local Global Game Jam site! If you are stuck on any of the above, then feel free to email us, and we will help you out.
You are now ready to explore the Next Steps part of the guide!