Applying for Financial Support

A common question we get from Site Organisers is how to apply for sponsorship to help support their site. Here we list a few ideas on who to reach out to, and how to do it.

Applying for sponsorship for your jam can be helpful, as it may be able to help you cover venue hire costs, food for your jammers, take home swag and mementos from your jam site.

Where possible we would advise you to try and get sponsorship rather than charging jammers for tickets, as that can make the jam more accessible to all.

Of course the process to do this differs depending on part of the world you are in, but here is some general advice:

  • Search for local technology companies, like games makers, telecom companies, tool makers or anyone who might have benefit with having their name associated with your cool event.

  • Research local funds for community initiatives

  • Write to your local council / government office to see if they can support in any way

  • Speak to local cafes, restaurants or even pizza chains to see if they could provide a meal for your event. At least maybe some discount vouchers for your jammers

If you want GGJ to support you in your sponsorship reach out, we would be happy to reach out to a company to support your claim and tell them a bit more about the global impact of GGJ. If you would like help with this, get in touch with (ideally around October, else we might get too busy to help).

Below we provide and email template you can use for outreach (coming soon!)

Example email text coming soon...

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