Gameplay Videos

A lot of people (inc. media) are going to start browsing jam sites. There are a LOT of games made. People don't have time to play each and every game, so a great video will drag in the players.

Once your game is finished (or mostly so), it's a great idea to create a gameplay video. This lets other people get a quick overview of what your game is like, especially when there are thousands of different games to review.

Step 1: Recording your Gameplay

The quality of video that you make is up to you. Any of these options would be fine:

  • (easiest) Use your phone or digital camera to record over the shoulder of someone else playing

  • Video capture software, such as OBS Studio (free) or FRAPS (watermarked).

  • Some game tools (such as Unity) have built-in ability to capture gameplay, and you can add script text along the bottom for more info. More info here and here.

  • For Macs, QuickTime player in OSX can record gameplay. More info here

  • Anything else you want!

Step 2: Editing your Gameplay Footage

You probably want your video to be short and punchy (the internet does not have a long attention span), to achiever this you'll want to cut the fluff, add a title, credits, music (because you didn't have time to add any to your ggj game), etc.

Step 3: Uploading your video

Videos should be uploaded to a site such as or In the description box: - Be sure to mention which jam site you're with; - Include a link back to your game's page at; - Please also add tags #globalgamejam and #ggj23. On your game's page on the GGJ site, you can add a link to the video in the URL box, and it'll show up easily during game searches.

Examples of gameplay videos:

* Audience recording during the game demo, GGJ 2010 Sydney, GNILLEY * Gameplay-only: GGJ 2010 MIT, Quest for Stick * Unity, with script: GGJ 2010, Algoma University Canada, TiltPlain * Over the shoulder: GGJ 2011 Netherlands, GlitchHiker

Pretty much anything is fine, just have fun with it!

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