Check in and registration

Best practices and ideas for managing check in and security
Once your site is open, and you have pinned up all the signs so your jammers can find their way to your event, it is always a great idea to have some kind of check in / welcome desk. It gives you or your event crew a chance to meet everyone, introduce themselves, and give people an idea of what is going to happen over the weekend. It also gives them a point of reference that they can return to if they need to ask any questions, or need to get help from the event crew during the weekend.

Important tasks for your registration desk

Checking jammers in and out

Jammers should be checked in and out of the venue when they enter and leave. This may seem formal, but it can be important if there is ever an issue where the building needs to be evacuated so you can account for all of your participants. It might be a good idea to collect people's phone numbers so you are able to get in touch in an emergency, or if plans for the event change.

Sharing the event timetable and swag

Registation can be a great time to share the event time table, for example any formal meal times, break out activities, presentations. Give jammers an overview of how the event will be structured, and any additional activities or workshops they can sign up for. It is also an idea time to give away an sponsorship information or swag that you might have!

Sharing the code of conduct and safe space policy

When jammers check in to the event, it is an ideal time to share the GGJ Code of Conduct, and any addtional safe space policies you may have in place for your event. See our section on Jammer Behaviour for more details about this. It is also a good time to make people aware of the GGJ reporting procedure at the same time.
If you plan to take photos or vidoes of your jammers, this is a great time to let them know and gain their consent for this. We advise getting some colourful stickers or lanyards for people who do not consent for their image to be shared - that way it is really easy to spot image that cannot be shared online when going through your photos from the event.

Other things to consider for your registration desk

Physical copies of the code of conduct and event timetable

Jammers can refer to this during the weekend if needed.

Information about the organisers

Consider having a pin board with names, roles, photographs and mobile numbers of the organisers at the desk.

Be back later signage

If the desk will be a consistent info point throughout the event (a good idea especially for larger jams), consider having a 'waking hours' sign when the desk will have someone working at it, and information on where to get information and help if no one is at the desk at that time.