Feeding your Jammers!

One of the most important parts of the event!
An essentail part of GGJ events is.... meal times! Although we all love pizza, it is important to try and encouage your jammers to eat properly, and get a ballanced diet over the weekend, as there is enough strain on your body as it is without eating cheese and drinking energy drinks all weekend!
Try and make sure there is drinking water avalible at all times as a minimum.

If you are lucky enough to have sponsorship to cater the event:

Having set meal times that jammers can take a break from their screens should be encouraged. Use the time to get jammers to relax and socialise with other groups.
Remember to think about diatry requirements and alergies. Make sure you have a good provision of vegetarian and vegan options with your meals, and check on registration for allergies, and manage how food is served and stored accordingly.

If you don't have sponsorship to cover food:

Provide jammers with listings of near by resuturants and supermarkets, and how to get there. If geography allows, let them know about a range of options and price points. Try and get some menus in advance to make it easy to select and order. Check with local resturaunts if they will do discounts for large group orders.
Encourage a sharing snack table (keeping alergies in mind!). When the jammers go out for their weekend shop, ask them to bring something extra back to add to the sharing table. Don't forget some healthy options too!