Top 10 Jammer requests!

Every year GGJ conducts a jammer survey after the event. Here are the top 10 things that came up time and time again in our feedback for 2019.
During your event we are sure that you want your jammers to have the best time possible. Here is the top 10 most common pieces of feedback we received in our jammer survey from 2019, so would be good things to consider when you are selecting your venue and facilities for the jam.

Jammers want!

  • Better and more food. More veggie/vegan/healthy options
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Showers / better hygiene / free deodorant / fresh socks
  • 24 hour opening
  • Quiet spaces to chill out, and quiet sleeping space
  • More reliable/faster internet
  • Freely available coffee / energy drinks
  • Heating / Aircon
  • Better light for working
  • Jam souvenirs to take home