The Essentials

The very basics of getting a game jam up and running are actually quite simple. Make sure you have these things in place before thinking about the additional pieces.

Step 1: Get a safe, secure space for your participants

The very basic requirement of running a GGJ site is to have a safe and secure public space, where people can work and be comfortable for the weekend.

Ideally this space would at a minimum have: security, heating or cooling, reliable electricity, space to show the Keynote video, space for people to work, and space for people to relax.

Step 2: Make sure there is a decent internet connection

As jammers will need to upload their games to the GGJ website at the end of the jam, ideally the site would have reliable internet. A decent internet connection will also help you and your jammers keep a connection with the rest of the GGJ community throughout the jam, with Slack (for organisers), Discord (for jammers) and our streaming channel (for everyone!) GGJ Twitch.

Step 3: Apply to get your site listed on the GGJ website

Your GGJ site is not official until it has been approved by your local Regional Organiser (RO). Your RO will be your first point of contact, and your connection to the wider GGJ community. Once you submit your site for review, your RO will be in touch within 1-7 days to organise a phone call with you to take you through the process of running a GGJ site, and to check you have everything you need.

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